The Most Effective and Innovative Cold Trigger Point Therapy Device on the Market!

Do you suffer from irritating or debilitating pain such as plantar fasciitis pain, sciatica pain, migraines or tension headaches? Are you a runner, athlete or fitness guru that struggles with chronic tendonitis, shin splints, golfers/tennis elbow or any other overuse issue? If so, you can now get relief from these symptoms by utilizing the Cryo Releaser!

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Invented by Rebecca Moehlenbrock, LPTA, MT

As a massage and physical therapist, Rebecca Moehlenbrock, would develop multiple muscular ailments while relieving her clients of their own aches and pains. She would neglect being treated for these symptoms and resorted to using trigger point devices and balls to rid her of her own tightness and pain. Overusing these tools, she quickly realized these can cause excessive tenderness and this would last for days. This is when she thought, “how nice would it be if I could incorporate ice with a similar device at the same time to decrease the inflammation caused by overuse of these tools.” This is where her idea of the Cryo Releaser was born!!

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Cutting edge ice therapy and trigger point device rolled into one!!

This new innovative and effective tool is used to provide comfort and reduce pain in multiple areas of the body with the application of cold therapy along with trigger point release. If you are suffering from multiple muscular ailments such as the following:

Plantar fasciitis pain — Sciatica pain— Tension headaches/migraines
Shin splints — ITB pain — Tennis/Golfers elbow
Arthritic hands — Hamstring/hip flexor tightness/pain

then you will find the Cryo Releaser your next best friend!

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Individuals with diabetes, neuropathy or any lack of sensation please limit use to 5 minutes at a time to avoid injury.

Assembled in the USA