The Most Effective and Innovative Cold Trigger Point Therapy Device on the Market!

About Cryo Releaser, Cold Trigger Point Therapy 

Rebecca Moehlenbrock, the inventor of the Cryo Releaser, has been a licensed Physical Therapist Assistant since 1995. During her several years as a PTA, she also became a certified personal trainer and massage therapist. For 10 of these years she ran her own therapeutic massage and body works practice. She then took an interest in many self-therapy tools to work on trigger points for both herself and on her clients for pain relief.

Her passion for 25 years has not only been relieving her clients of physical aches and pains but also educating and teaching them techniques on how to relieve themselves of their own pain. This is when she developed and designed her first prototype of the Cryo Releaser. This 4 inch aluminum hemisphere is filled with water and placed into a freezer until frozen solid. It is then ready to begin using to relieve yourself of muscular pain while easing the inflammation out of the area.

Originally, she designed the Cryo Releaser for relief of plantar fasciitis and foot pain.During her testing of the product, she determined there were far more options for the use of the device throughout the entire body. Not only does it release tightness and trigger points but at the same time it decreases inflammation that may be going on in the area by its ice option within the device.

Begin living pain free with the Cryo Releaser! For more information on the tool and how it works, feel free to explore our website or contact us today!

Assembled in the USA