The Most Effective and Innovative Cold Trigger Point Therapy Device on the Market!

How to Use Cryo Releaser, Cold Trigger Point Therapy

Here’s how it works:

Remove the Cryo Releaser from the freezer. When using device, it is recommended but not required to use a layer such as clothing or a towel between ball and skin to adjust to the extreme coldness. Once you determine the affected area you will be treating, find the sore areas and place the ball there. Take some nice deep breaths and let the device sink in releasing the trigger points while enjoying the ice as it melts away the inflammation and pain in this area. Move around to other sore spots and repeat.

Refer to the videos for instruction on ways to actively release and massage these affected areas as well.

Individuals with diabetes, neuropathy or any lack of sensation please limit use to 5 minutes at a time to avoid injury.

Assembled in the USA