The Most Effective and Innovative Cold Trigger Point Therapy Device on the Market!

Testimonials on Cryo-Releaser, Cold Trigger Point Therapy 

"So very happy with my purchase of the Cryo Releaser! It’s the best after a 10 hour shift on my feet & releases sciatic pain so effectively. After using it last night, I woke up with no back pain! Highly recommended. You won’t be disappointed!"

- Shannon McPartland

"I have a history of migraines, and almost nothing works, but i recently tried the cryo releaser and it helped tremendously! I love the fact that I no longer have to take medication for my headaches!! I’ve also used it on my sore muscles, hamstrings, and glutes! Amazing product!"

- Kyla Emerine

"I was lucky enough to test this product last summer had relief to my right foot pain after a few short uses. Each time I placed my foot on the cryo releaser I could feel the tension leaving my foot. I will be purchasing one of these as soon as it is available to buy. "

- Shannon Yung

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